Join internet radio with Faydra Deon on Blog Talk RadioEach Wednesday at 7p EST, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks about WordPress and answering your questions.

The first show will be 13 October 2010, so tune in and learn and share!

The second show, on 20 October 2010, will start off with a discussion of the “White Screen of Death!”

The third show, on 27 October 2010, will start off with a discussion of 5 Fabulous WordPress Plugins!

The fourth show, on 03 November 2010, will start off with a discussion of WordPress themes.

The fifth show, on 10 November 2010, will start off with a discussion of how to create content for your WordPress site; text, images, audio and/or video.

Please call in with your questions throughout the show. I will have computer screen-sharing set up, so that those who want to “see” what I’m talking about, instead of just listening to what I’m talking about, will be able to do so. If you’re interested in the screen-sharing feature, go to Mikogo and download the application that will allow you toJoin A Meeting. I’ll give out the access code during the show

The call-in number is 858-683-1321. The chat room will also be open, so you can ask your questions there, as well.

Again, that’s each Wednesday at 7p EST.

Feel free to also ask your question(s) in the Comments section of the post, and I’ll answer it/them here and on the show.

Please listen in!

Previous Shows

Show from 17 November 2010
[audio: November 2010/show_1373313.mp3|titles=Wednesday WordPress Q&A on 17 November 2010]

Show from 10 November 2010
[audio: November 2010/show_1358268.mp3|titles=Wednesday WordPress Q&A on 10 November 2010]

Show from 03 November 2010
[audio: November 2010/show_1343996.mp3|titles=Wednesday WordPress Q&A on 03 November 2010]

Show for 27 October 2010 [audio: October 2010/show_1330780.mp3|titles=Wednesday WordPress Q&A on 27 October 2010]

Show for 20 October 2010 [audio: October 2010/show_1317819.mp3|titles=Wednesday WordPress Q&A on 20 October 2010]

Show for 13 October 2010 [audio: October 2010/show_1279836.mp3|titles=Wednesday WordPress Q&A on 13 October 2010]

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  1. You know what…u are heaven sent…I have the worst blog look out there & have been wanting to change it for the longest & did not know how…Thank you for sharing & taking time out of your schedule to answer our questions…

  2. I have quite a few questions about wordpress, so I think it’s wonderful your taking the time to offer advice. Hopefully, in the upcoming weeks as I redo my blog this will be a spot I can come back to.

  3. Hey! Is it okay if I go a bit off topic? I’m trying to view your domain on my Mac but it doesn’t display properly, any suggestions? Thanks! Alida

    1. I just checked out my site on an iMac using Safari and Firefox, and the site showed up fine on both. I’m not sure why you can’t see the site on your Mac.

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