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DC Social Media Examiner (DCSME): What is your blog about?

Laurinda Bellinger (LB): This is my personal blog where I share from my past and present life experiences. I discuss all the mistakes I made and lessons learned as a black woman in Corporate America. I blog about Leadership, social media, productivity, and anything else I believe helps people lead a better life. It’s is my desire to see people “re-engineer” their thoughts and become more tomorrow than they are today.

DCSME: How did you pick the topic for Laurinda On Leadership?

LB: Leadership is a passion of mine. Working on my leadership skills has help navigate through all the politics that a black woman encounters Corporate America. I’m an engineer by trade. I learned some fierce lessons about leading men when I first entered Corporate America in my twenties. I couldn’t lead myself let alone anyone else. This is a topic that I speak on regularly. So when I decided to start a blog to help my speaking career, it was a natural choice topic.

DCSME: How is Laurinda On Leadership different from other blogs that cover the same or similar information?

LB: I read books and blogs on leadership daily. There are too few women (and even fewer black women) who are talking about the subject.

DCSME: What do you like most about blogging?

LB: I love teaching and blogging allows to teach without having a classroom.

DCSME: How often do you update Laurinda On Leadership?

LB: When I first started, I committed to posting 5 days a week. That lasted 2 weeks. I still have my day job. So now I update weekly. Occasionally I update twice a week.

DCSME: What else would you like to share with readers of your profile?

LB: I am one of a four Sr. Project Managers in the Customer Service – Airports Division of Alaska Airlines. I have worked as a test engineer and process engineer for 3M and Motorola respectively. I maintain the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

I work hard, fly a lot and love to write & teach.

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