by-the-numbersAbout a week or so ago, I had a tweeter DM me and ask me what the numbers (letters) represented next to my tweets.

Not too long ago, Twitter stopped allowing duplicate tweets. When I first started doing the Question of the Day back in July 2009, I would tweet the question every hour from 9a to 9p, and it would be the same, exact tweet. About a month or so ago, I tried to do the same thing I’d been doing since July, and Twitter gave me an error message that said “duplicate tweet.”

I did discover that you can send identical tweets as long as there is at least three hours between the previous tweet and the next tweet, but that didn’t serve my purpose.

I tweet the Question of the Day every hour, because different tweeters see it at different times of the day. While the same tweet may be annoying to someone who’s spending every hour on Twitter, some tweeters only see the question once or twice, while others miss all of them, believe it or not.

Anyway, that’s what the numbers (letters) represent. It’s a way for me to distinguish one tweet from another even though all but the number (and URL) is the same content.

Thanks for asking!

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