With the flood of millions of tweets going across the Twittersphere every several seconds, it is very likely you will not see the tweets of every person you follow.

Ms. Social Media: Tweeters ask in Twitter direct messages that you turn on their notifications by Faydra D. Fields

Although not a brand-new tactic to gain more visibility, it is becoming more and more common to see the following automatically-generated direct messages, or variations thereof, in Twitter Inboxes:

Hey! How you doing? Could you do me a favour and turn my tweet notifications on I’ll return the favour!

Hey! How you doing? Could you do me a favour and turn my tweet notifications on but turn off RT ones and I’ll return the favour?

or simply

Thanks for the follow. Turn on my notifications!

If you have seen these direct messages, and you have been trying to figure out what they mean, here’s the deal…

First, be mindful of two things:

If you do not turn on mobile notifications for a specific tweeter’s tweets, then you will not be directly notified of what (s)he is tweeting unless:

However, if you turn on mobile notifications for a tweeter, (s)he does not have to include your Twitter handle in his/her tweet(s), and you do not have to manually click to see his/her timeline. You will be sent a mobile notification by Twitter every time the tweeter sends out a tweet, which is one of the reasons some of these direct messages ask you to turn off retweets when you turn on mobile notifications. That particular tweeter only wants you to see his/her personal tweets, not what (s)he retweets from other tweeters.

You may find this appealing because it will allow you to see more tweets by this or that specific user, but also be wary of honoring these requests, especially since it is specifically targeted to the mobile version of Twitter.

Turning on mobile notifications for specific users means you will constantly get alerts and/or pop-up messages on your phone every, single time that person tweets. If you have turned on mobile notifications for several tweeters, then your alerts/pop-up messages will increase considerably. All this activity could put a strain on your battery and become extremely annoying if the alerts/notifications are coming in back-to-back-to-back-to-back.

The easy way to avoid this is to simply ignore any requests to turn on mobile notifications for specific tweeters unless you absolutely want to see every tweet (s)he sends out. The reason that tweeters are making the request in the first place is because the functionality has to be manually enabled. If you do not enable it, then you do not have to be concerned with it.

Now that you know what you are actually being asked to do, you can make a more informed decision about whether you would like to turn on mobile notifications for specific tweeters or not.

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