Stop using TrueTwit to stop being used by TrueTwit to make money for TrueTwit

TrueTwit has been around since 2009, and it’s business model is ingenious for getting Twitter users to generate hundreds of thousands of spam messages and to make TrueTwit hundreds of thousands of dollars without giving any referral credit to the tweeters who use it.

Here’s how it really works…

You create a Twitter account and start following people.

You eventually start receiving direct messages (DMs) that look similar to the following:

Because each link on each DM is unique, you are expected to:

The only way to stop receiving the hundreds of validation DMs, and to stop TrueTwit from sending out hundreds of validation DMs on your behalf, is to pay their monthly/yearly fee.

The minute you stop paying, the DMs start up all over again.

You’d think that after you’ve validated yourself manually, say, 10 or 15 times, TrueTwit would just go ahead and add you to some “this is a human” database and stop all the validation DMs from coming and going.

They don’t.

Here’s what else is going on…

The direct messages you send and receive are akin to free advertising for TrueTwit. When you or some other tweeter gets tired of those direct messages filling your/their Twitter Inbox, you”ll/they’ll pay to stop them.

You can’t block or mute the direct messages, and you won’t know who which Twitter accounts they will be coming from until you follow an account who has allowed the TrueTwit service to connect to it.


You are not getting any residual/referral/affiliate/commission income for being an advertising medium for TrueTwit.

When other tweeters pay to stop other tweeters from filling their direct message Inbox with TrueTwit validation emails, then all the money goes to TrueTwit, and you never know if/when some other tweeter has paid to stop the DM spam.

They don’t let you know that it was because of the DMs TrueTwit sent out on your behalf that this or that many people have paid to “join” TrueTwit, which doesn’t really prove they are human at all.

Someone on the other end of, say, fifty Twitter accounts can pay TrueTwit to be deemed as “human,” which bypasses the TrueTwit validation process, because paying stops all the direct messages. If you decide to pay to stop the direct messages, then you’re even more likely to start connecting with more spam accounts, because you’re not actually paying to be loaded into a “this is a human” database. You’re paying to stop being harassed with direct messages, and those who set up spam accounts, who want to bypass TrueTwit validation, will also have paid to be deemed as “human.” The only real winner is TrueTwit.

TrueTwit says the following on their About page:

TrueTwit is working on a system that will allow TrueTwit users to check for bots and spammers without using direct messages. We expect to have this system in place soon.

Please keep in mind that it is not to TrueTwit’s advantage to change their business model, because it’s still working after all these years. They’ve been around since 2009, and since 2009 they’ve always done the same thing.

The only thing that changed several months after they got started is that they started making it possible for people to pay to stop the direct messages.

I know of what I speak, because I’ve had a Twitter account since March 2009, and I used to use TrueTwit, just like so many other clueless tweeters, and I did it to stop the direct messages that were filling up my Twitter Inbox and the ones that TrueTwit was sending out on my behalf. Then I decided to stop paying TrueTwit, and the DMs from other tweeters have started up all over again.

I’ve been human all my life, and I’ve been using Twitter as a human since 2009, and in all that time TrueTwit still hasn’t added me to a “this is a human” database, and they never will.

It’s not in their interest to change their business model, but it’s in your interest to stop allowing yourself to be exploited.

If you want to know if there’s a human on the other end of a Twitter account that follows you, send a message to the account on the public timeline and wait for their response. If you don’t get one, try sending another message on the public timeline. If you don’t get a reply the second time, then check the Twitter account’s timeline and see if there are tweets with any other tweeters.

If all the tweets on the account’s timeline are one way, then you’re most likely dealing with a Twitter account that doesn’t have a human on the other end who is interested in interacting and engaging about the things that are interesting to you. Don’t follow it, unfollow it and/or block it, and move on to the next account and do the same thing.

Please note that Twitter has Certified Products and Marketing Platform Partners that they transparently associate themselves with on their site. TrueTwit is not considered a certified product of or a marketing platform partner with Twitter. They are an entity in and of themselves designed to exploit Twitter users for their own gain.


Stop using TrueTwit to stop being used by TrueTwit to make money for TrueTwit, because the whole process isn’t about separating humans from bots. It’s about separating you from your money and making sure they maintain a business model that is so annoying that they use you to separate other people from their money, too.

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