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DC Social Media Examiner (DCSME): What is your blog about?

OSAAT Entertainment (OEBooks) (RYCJ): I am a Writer, Poet, Author, Illustrator, and Independent Publisher. I blog about books I read, write, and review.

DCSME: How did you pick the topic for OEBooks?

RYCJ: I select topics relevant to book-related or current event happenings (holidays mostly) of interest to me. Recently a number of authors have been capturing my eye, so I’ve been fortunate enough to obtain Q&A Interviews from them. I also enjoy humor, so every month there’s bound to be a few quirky write-ups that reflect my personality style. And, of course, I promote my books, and as well the work of others.

DCSME: How is OEBooks different from other blogs that cover the same or similar information?

RYCJ: OEBooks is different in the ‘way’ it delivers posts. I try to be conscientious and supportive of others. In doing so I keep away from passing judgment on, or mocking individuals who in the public’s eye may be struggling with an issue. This gives OEBooks this multifaceted unique style of upbeat posts.

The only individual I regularly poke fun at, and that’s myself…which in and of itself is most unique.

DCSME: What do you like most about blogging?

RYCJ: The writing aspect is what I enjoy most. It’s fascinating coming up with fresh new content that gets others to read another way of expressing our Point of Views.

DCSME: How often do you update OEBooks?

RYCJ: Going into my second year of blogging, I update OEBooks (at least) weekly, however having recently finished a few newly released books soon coming out, I will return to posting on a more frequent schedule, which is about 12 posts a month.

Note: Approximately nine months out of a year (January – October) I ‘plan’ to post on a regular timetable.

DCSME: What else would you like to share with readers of your profile?

RYCJ: I am the ultimate book lover who is always looking to speak with and network with others who are as individualistic as they are engaging, creative, and supportive.

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