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  1. Prefer old Twitter but it won’t let me change back to it from the new version.Grrrrr

    New one is too cluttered and wide.Old one was streamlined and v easy to navigate.

    1. For anyone stuck in new twitter – you can revert to old twitter by clicking ‘settings’ and then ‘go to old twitter’. Access is denied from home page or profile but works from your settings page. Hope this helps.

      1. Hm. I just tried to do that on one of my Twitter accounts, but it wouldn’t let me. Phooey. Maybe they’ve removed it again. Sigh.

  2. I vastly prefer and still use the Old Twitter. I switched to the New Twitter for a few days, hated it, found several glitches and dysfunctionalities, then switched back to the Old Twitter.

    I cannot believe that any usability tests are being made on the new interface, because it really sucks.

  3. I prefer the old Twitter but I switched to see what the new one looked like and now they won’t let me switch back. I’m devastated. 🙁

    1. No!!! Woo woo woo. Thanks for letting us know that. I won’t be switching to new Twitter until I’m forced.

  4. Twitter’s move to something move didn’t really “drop the ball” for me. I use it more for functionality of interacting with people. I use the new twitter because it doesn’t hinder me.

    Nowadays, I try not to get too used to anything in social media. Crap’s always changing. So, I’m like “ho hum…”

  5. Old twitter definitely. I just like the look and feel of it better than new twitter and I won’t switch until they get rid of it altogether!

  6. I like new twitter, but there’s a lot of things that got to be fixed. Also, I rather use old twitter while surfing on my mobile. (There’s a bug on new twitter’s task pane while browsing in a mobile).

  7. I actually like the New Twitter. I like that you can watch/view videos and pictures right from the site. It seems that they took many of the ideas that Twitter clients were using and put them in the New Twitter. The only thing I don’t like about the New Twitter is that it hides Twitter backgrounds more but I don’t think people look at those too often; I know I only see my own mostly these days. New Twitter is not perfect but I do think it made many much needed improvements and gave Twitter a new look without doing too much like Facebook usually does, which is one reason why I don’t use Facebook anymore.

  8. I’m using New Twitter, but not on a regular basis. If I know I have to view a link, I’ll log on. Otherwise I access my Twitter account from my phone. It’s just easier.

  9. Prefer very 1st twitter. Its too unhackable now. None of my cool cool scripts work now
    but like present version more than previous..

  10. I HATE new twitter, the only great feature is the auto populating of followers and they so could have added that to the old. From my perspective Old twitter is much more sensible and the only advantage I can see from new twitter is it feels good if you’re not familiar with the app. But so is Brizzly.

  11. I prefer #OldTwitter but I don’t use it anymore because obviously they are pushing #NewTwitter pretty hard so it makes certain apps, programs, and connections not work anymore if I keep my account on #OldTwitter.. so basically I just don’t use Twitter.com to actually check timelines or replies anymore cause #NewTwitter is bulky slow and sucky imho. Check out logpost.com! Free and simple way to keep in touch with twitter on any device with internet.

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