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DC Social Media Examiner (DCSME): What is your blog about?

Robyn Campbell (RC): I write children’s books. Middle grade and picture books. My blog is designed to help others that write for children. We learn together. I have interviews and do some book reviews.

DCSME: How did you pick the topic for Putting Pen To Paper?

RC: It’s because that’s what I do.

DCSME: How is Putting Pen To Paper different from other blogs that cover the same or similar information?

RC: I say I’m learning too. I sure don’t pretend to know everything. And my blog is light-hearted. The people that follow my blog are all considered as my friends. And they know this.

DCSME: What do you like most about blogging?

RC: Meeting of minds with thoughtful, caring, creative folks all over the world.

DCSME: How often do you update Putting Pen To Paper?

RC: Was three times a week, but due to my agent search, I am going to twice a week for a while.

DCSME: What else would you like to share with readers of your profile?

RC: I am searching for an agent. And when I find one I will share what worked and what didn’t work.

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