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DC Social Media Examiner (DCSME): What is your blog about?

Tao Joannes (TJ): My poetry and fiction, as well as recovery from drug addiction and a life of crime. I also publish opinion pieces about topics that catch my interest.

DCSME: How did you pick the topic for

TJ: I’m a literary writer, and am trying to promote awareness of my writing as I work on completing and publishing my first novel.

DCSME: How is different from other blogs that cover the same or similar information?

TJ: I work hard at my craft, and have a unique voice and take on things. I’m not afraid of to let the truth out, or speak about exactly how I feel. I work hard on improving my craft and it shows in the final products I make available. You have to look for yourself, though, to really appreciate it.

DCSME: What do you like most about blogging?

TJ: Connecting with people that enjoy my work and getting feedback about how it’s received. This helps me take things to higher levels as I find out what resonates in the public consciousness.

DCSME: How often do you update

TJ: At least once a week, often more than that.

DCSME: What else would you like to share with readers of your profile?

TJ: I’m offering a free ebook download for anyone who wants to sign up for email updates from the blog.

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