Facebook breaks Messenger away from its main social networking platform

If you are one of those people who is absolutely not interested in setting up a Facebook account, even though many of your family and friends have unsuccessfully tried to goad you into doing so, but you would like to be able to chat with people who cannot seem to live without Facebook then you are in luck.

Facebook has decided to totally separate their Messenger app from their main social media platform, which means you can chat with family and friends via Facebook Messenger without setting up an actual Facebook account.

Gone are the days where you will be expected to write a bio, tell Facebook your birthday, where you live, where you work, where you used to work, where you go to school, where you used to go to school, if you are in school now, what music and movies you like and all the other nosey questions Facebook asks you to answer in order to set up a profile on Facebook. You do not have to post hundreds of photos of yourself, your family and your friends, and you do not have to tell Facebook “What’s on your mind?” anymore. You can bypass page invites, being added to groups you were never interested in only to have to remove yourself from the groups after the fact, no one will be poking you or inviting you to play time-wasting games you were never interested in playing in the first place.

Now you can simply send instant messages back and forth with the people you want to be in contact with, and you can still maintain your stance of not having a Facebook account.

For those of you who only set up Facebook accounts, because you wanted to chat with family and friends who seem to live on Facebook, you can now ditch the dead weight and just use the Facebook Messenger application.

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