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DC Social Media Examiner (DCSME): What is your blog about?

Lisa (LM): It’s a fabulously frivolous and random blog about all the stuff I love! Tennis, travel, wine & foodie events, decor, the arts, celebs, luxury hotels, politics, Maxwell, friends, family and living & playing in DC.

DCSME: How did you pick the topic for FRIVOLOSITY?

LM: It was pretty easy to pick a topic to share – it’s about my life and interest. It’s what I do, where I go, what I see, hear, and like. The topics I cover are all over the place – just like me.

DCSME: How is FRIVOLOSITY different from other blogs that cover the same or similar information?

LM: It’s an authentic view of city living through my eyes. It’s not scripted or predictable. It’s a collection of those things important and unique to me but also captivating enough to capture the attention of most.

DCSME: What do you like most about blogging?

LM: Sharing my experiences and thoughts and connecting with other people and bloggers – love it!

DCSME: How often do you update FRIVOLOSITY?

LM: I update my blog as often as 3 to 4 times a week. I’m a busy girl in a city that offers so much to blog about that posting almost daily is sometimes the only way to keep up!

DCSME: What else would you like to share with readers of your profile?

LM: I’m so inspired by the blog world… I truly feel I finally found my people!

[been waiting my whole life to say that]

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