On Medium.com: The ultimate reason Google+ failed

On Medium.com: The ultimate reason Google+ failed

Google announced a few months ago that Google+ is sunsetting for consumers. My article on Medium.com is my perspective on why the social network is going away. Read the entire 3-minute article here https://medium.com/@faydra_deon/the-ultimate-reason-google-failed-176ce1f990ad.

Facebook breaks Messenger away from its main social networking platform

If you are one of those people who is absolutely not interested in setting up a Facebook account, even though many of your family and friends have unsuccessfully tried to goad you into doing so, but you would like to be able to chat with people who cannot seem to live without Facebook then you […]

From Entrepreneur.com: Google+ Gets a Major Makeover by Jason Fell

If you’re one of the growing millions using Google+ for work or play, there was some news today from Google’s I/O developer’s conference that you might find useful. The search giant said it is rolling out more than 40 different changes to Google+ as part of a major redesign. During the event’s three-hour-long keynote… [read […]

From blog.instagram.com: Introducing Photos of You

Photos are memories of the people, places and moments that mean the most to us. We have always sought to give you simple and expressive ways to bring the stories behind your photos to life. Your captions and hashtags capture the “what?” and your Photo Map answers the “where?” but until today we’ve never quite […]

Posterous to sunset on 30 April 2013

A year after being taken over by Twitter, Posterous will be shutting down. If you’d like a backup of all the content you’ve posted there, Posterous has created a way for your to get all your information. Posterous also suggests that you move WordPress.com or Squarespace, as they have tools to help you import your […]

Vintage TweetDeck (TweetDeck AIR) will stop functioning soon…

TweetDeck is the most powerful Twitter tool for tracking real-time conversations. Its flexibility and customizable layout let you keep up with what’s happening on Twitter, across multiple topics and accounts, in real time. To continue to offer a great product that addresses your unique needs, we’re going to focus our development efforts on our modern, […]

From the Index: Beware the viewBook.at and viewAuthor.at link shorteners!

The viewBook.at link shortener service promises you one link to your Kindle book on the appropriate Amazon site for all regions. That seems pretty cool until you realize what’s actually going on when you use their shortener. Not only are you getting a short link, the service provider is adding a referral code to that […]