Be proactive to make your tweets more re-tweetable

There’s nothing conceited about proactive consideration.

Let me start by saying that.

Many of you make it incredibly difficult to retweet your tweets. Please consider a possible retweet when you’re constructing your original tweet.

This is what I do…

I start my tweet construction with RT @faydra_deon: (yes, I include the colon) in front of my tweet and then add the content, eventually modifying the way the tweet is phrased so it all fits.

Anyone who tweets with me knows I don’t use shortcodes (e.g, luv, tombout, kaythxby, etc.), acronyms (e.g., SMH, OMG, BTW, etc.) or any other text-type (e.g., b4, u2, oomf, etc.), and I always try to use the correct punctuation, which means I sometimes have to pull on all my grammar, spelling and punctuation skills to tweet what I want within the 140-character limit. ūüôā


I start my tweet construction with RT @faydra_deon: in front of my tweet and then add the content.

Tweet before modification...


Once I have everything I want to say, then I modify the way the tweet is phrased so it all fits and includes the retweet information that will be attached to the tweet if/when someone retweets the tweet.

Tweet after modication...
Tweet after modication...


Then before I tweet it, I remove RT @faydra_deon: and send it out.

Final tweet...
Final tweet...


I’m not so conceited that I think everything I tweet will get¬†retweeted, but I make room for the possibility that someone may¬†find value in one of my tweets and will want to retweet it for others to see, and that’s why I try to be proactive to help the process along.

There have been times I wanted to retweet several of the people I follow and who follow me, but having to remove 20 or more characters to make it happen is simply too much work. I start out trying to cut it down, and then I realize that it just takes too much time to “doctor” the tweet for retweeting and still maintain the original meaning the tweeter was trying to convey.

The following are things that I find make it very difficult to retweet other people’s tweets:

  • A Twitter handle that maxes out the number of characters you’re allowed to have (e.g., @C_TownsendRocks, @Im_from_Jamaica, @iGetMoreFollows).
  • A plethora of hashtags (e.g.,¬†@iGetMoreFollows I found this great, new #gym to #workout with my #personaltrainer, and it’s close to my house! #winning #gettingfit #bikini)
  • Too much repeat information (e.g.,¬†@C_TownsendRocks Please check out my author interview with Author Vanessa Vanderbilt on my site AuthorInterviews at
  • Several links and Twitter handles that can’t be removed or the tweet won’t be viable (e.g.,¬†@Im_from_Jamaica Me & @C_TownsendRocks went 2 for the annual @CherryBlossom festival. We had dinner at @TheGarden! #yum)

These are just a few examples and not really note-worthy for retweeting, but I’m sure most of you understand what I’m getting at.

If you think you should be getting retweeted more, and you’re at a loss as to why people aren’t sharing your great tweets with other Tweeters, consider being proactive to make your tweets more re-tweetable.

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