Do you tweet from Washington, DC? I need you!

Hello, I’m Faydra Deon, and I’m a DC Social Media Examiner.

I’m beginning a program for my column called “(Wo)Man on the Tweet” to find out what people living in Washington, DC, think about
the different social media topics I cover and to include those ideas, perspectives, points of view in my posts.

To participate you must have a Twitter account, and your profile Location must say “Washington, DC” or “DC” or clearly indicate that you’re tweeting from the
District of Columbia.

You won’t be helping me for nothing, though. Be one of the first five (5) people to comment on one of my posts, and you will earn 125

Once you accumulate 2,000 points, I will send you a $20 Amazon gift card/code to thank you for your time and input.

Please keep in mind that these must be well-thought-out and relevant comments about the post at hand. Simply saying, “I liked this post” or “This was good information” or “I learned a lot” or something equally as generic as the above won’t get you any points.

If you’re interested, fill in the form below for more information:

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