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I am a DC Social Media Examiner on, so you must be a resident of Washington, DC, to have your profile included in my DC column.

If you are not a resident of DC, then your profile will live here on the Ms. Social Media blog and/or be included on my other blogs, like the My Question of the Day blog. On each profile of a DC blogger in my column, there will be a link back to my site(s) for people to see other blog profiles, so you will get exposure, even if you don't appear in my DC Social Media Examiner column.


If anything does not apply, type N/A in that field.

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If you are not prepared to fill in the entire form at this sitting, please bookmark this page and return when you have all your information ready.

Profiles will be posted on a first-come, first-served basis. DC Bloggers, your profile will appear here on my blog until it is your turn to go up to my column. Once you profile appears on my column, it will no longer appear on my blog, but a link to the interview on will be included for readers to go there and see your profile. You'll know that you're being profiled on, DC Bloggers, when you click on your name and see a link for Your profile will remain on for as long as they keep the link alive, which could be years, so please let me know if any information changes so I can keep your profile up-to-date.

In order to be profiled on my site or in my column, your blog must have a rating of PG-13 or below.

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I understand that my interview WILL NOT be used if the answers to the above questions do not constitute enough information to create a well-rounded profile. I understand that one- and two-word answers will not be enough to make the profile work, and I understand that it is Faydra Deon's privilege to refuse to use my information if she does not believe the information I provide is appropriate or substantial or ethical or moral or legal.

I understand that I will NOT be compensated for having my information used on the Ms. Social Media site or in Faydra Deon's DC Social Media Examiner column on I understand that links to my blog(s), website(s) and/or social media account(s) will be included with my interview, so that I can potentially attract more visitors to my site(s). I understand that I am NOT obligated to compensate Faydra Deon in any way for providing this avenue to potentially attract more visitors to my site(s).

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