Tweeters ask in Twitter direct messages that you turn on their notifications

With the flood of millions of tweets going across the Twittersphere every several seconds, it is very likely you will not see the tweets of every person you follow. Although not a brand-new tactic to gain more visibility, it is becoming more and more common to see the following automatically-generated direct messages, or variations thereof, […]

Two ways to use one Gmail account for more than one Twitter account

Twitter allows you to have more than one account, but they also make you use a unique email for each of those Twitter accounts. If you would prefer not to have to remember several different email accounts (and their passwords) for several different Twitter accounts, then all your need is one Gmail account. There are […]

Ever wonder who’s buying Twitter followers? Status People can help…

We almost expect that accounts that have the Twitter verified  seal will have far more followers than they follow, but what about accounts with no Twitter verified seal that seem to have the same “celebrity” or “famous” status as, say, Justin Bieber or Oprah Winfrey or even Ryan Seacrest? How are they getting all these […]

Twitter outlaws the use of “auto follow back” services

@truebe, of Twitter Platform Operations, posted the following in the development discussion about auto follow back: “We removed the clause permitting automated follow-back, as we would prefer that users manually review their new followers and then choose whether or not they would like to… [read the full discussion string here]

Posterous to sunset on 30 April 2013

A year after being taken over by Twitter, Posterous will be shutting down. If you’d like a backup of all the content you’ve posted there, Posterous has created a way for your to get all your information. Posterous also suggests that you move or Squarespace, as they have tools to help you import your […]

Vintage TweetDeck (TweetDeck AIR) will stop functioning soon…

TweetDeck is the most powerful Twitter tool for tracking real-time conversations. Its flexibility and customizable layout let you keep up with what’s happening on Twitter, across multiple topics and accounts, in real time. To continue to offer a great product that addresses your unique needs, we’re going to focus our development efforts on our modern, […]

Be proactive to make your tweets more re-tweetable

There’s nothing conceited about proactive consideration. Let me start by saying that. Many of you make it incredibly difficult to retweet your tweets. Please consider a possible retweet when you’re constructing your original tweet. This is what I do… I start my tweet construction with RT @faydra_deon: (yes, I include the colon) in front of my […]