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From The Wall Street Journal: Borrowers Hit Social-Media Hurdles by Stephanie Armour

What you share about yourself in the cyber world has far-reaching effects into the real world.

Back in 2010, I wrote an article entitled, “NO! It’s not just Twitter,” and some people scoffed at the idea that what they were tweeting would be of any concern in their “real” lives.

Well, for those who didn’t take that article seriously, maybe they’ll be convinced by an Continue Reading →

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From Google+ Gets a Major Makeover by Jason Fell

From Google+ Gets a Major Makeover by Jason FellIf you’re one of the growing millions using Google+ for work or play, there was some news today from Google’s I/O developer’s conference that you might find useful. The search giant said it is rolling out more than 40 different changes to Google+ as part of a major redesign.

During the event’s three-hour-long keynote…

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