Facebook breaks Messenger away from its main social networking platform

If you are one of those people who is absolutely not interested in setting up a Facebook account, even though many of your family and friends have unsuccessfully tried to goad you into doing so, but you would like to be able to chat with people who cannot seem to live without Facebook then you […]

Facebook makes it possible to block pages

The two things I’ve always abhorred about Facebook is other people can add me to groups without my consent I get a plague of page invites from other users Well, it looks like Facebook has at least remedied one of my pains in the rump. You now have the ability to block pages just like […]

From TechCrunch: Droidfooding: After Years Of Giving Employees iPhones, Posters At Facebook HQ Beg Them To Test Android by Joseph Constine

“In the early days we gave employees iPhones primarily”, a Facebook spokesperson tells me. That decision and the rise of Android has left Facebook scrambling to get employees dogfooding its apps for Google’s OS. Now the company’s headquarters is plastered with these eye-popping posters asking Facebookers to “switch today”, and fix Android flaws with its […]