Wednesday WordPress Q&A, Episode 7

Laura (@PRcreator) was my guest host, and we moved her blog from to Check our her new blog at The following is the audio from the show: [audio: December 2010/show_1384403.mp3|titles=Wednesday WordPress Q&A on 01 December 2010] Listen to other shows here.

Wednesday WordPress Q&A

Join internet radio with Faydra Deon on Blog Talk RadioEach Wednesday at 7p EST, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks about WordPress and answering your questions. The first show will be 13 October 2010, so tune in and learn and share! The second show, on 20 October 2010, will start off with a discussion of the […]

Creating A Photo Gallery in WordPress

Creating A Photo Gallery in WordPress from Faydra Deon on Vimeo. If the video doesn’t play above, click the following link to see the video in your browser: Creating A Photo Gallery in WordPress

Coming Soon

I’ll be offering Social Media Assistant services. Stay tuned for more information!

Do you tweet from Washington, DC? I need you!

Hello, I’m Faydra Deon, and I’m a DC Social Media Examiner. I’m beginning a program for my column called “(Wo)Man on the Tweet” to find out what people living in Washington, DC, think about the different social media topics I cover and to include those ideas, perspectives, points of view in my posts. To […]

NO! It’s not just Twitter

I first published this article back on June 25, 2010, and it’s even more relevant today than it was back then. If your Twitter profile is set to private, you can ignore this post. It doesn’t apply to you. If your Twitter profile is public, please take heed. It’s actually something you should seriously consider. […]

Tweeting By the Numbers

About a week or so ago, I had a tweeter DM me and ask me what the numbers (letters) represented next to my tweets. Not too long ago, Twitter stopped allowing duplicate tweets. When I first started doing the Question of the Day back in July 2009, I would tweet the question every hour from […]